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Cattery Nous’ 


When we bred several litters Golden Retrievers, we wanted a cat who would socialize our puppies, not knowing that it would give us so much pleasure, having a cat in our lives.

We bought a Maine Coon, Lignanas Bullet Proof, called Bullet. After a while we bought Drummer, our first Norwegian Forrest cat. Sadly Bullet died after 3 years suddenly, lying dead on his chair..

Because Drummer gave us so much pleasure, we totally fell in love with the Norwegian Forrest cat, the looks, the health, the character. Just a complete package of the perfect cat for us.

So the dream was born to breed with them. Following cattery Perun’s for a couple of years, we decided we wanted a girl from this lovely cattery.

Finally the time was there: our Nous (Perun’s Flora Linnea) was born!

She is a lovely girl, the best friend for our son Dries. We showed her once and she gained Excellent. Hopefully we will show her more often, otherwise it isn’t something she prefers. But we will see..

We hope to breed with her in the future.

That was also the time to get a cattery name, we called it Nous’. Because of the name of our first girl and start of the Cattery. Beside that Nous means in French ‘we’, something we get the feeling we are one! And the dog Nous was the start of the breed Golden Retriever, so for us a special meaning.

Now we welcomed a very lovely little guy in our house, James (Esbjerg’s Wolverine) He has such an open and friendly character, just being himself and purring all the time.

With Nous and James we hope we have a strong start of our cattery Nous’!

We are so gratefull to both breeders from Perun’s and Esbjerg’s, giving us the opportunity to get such a lovely cats for the start of our cattery! We can’t thank them enough!!

We hope to have kittens in 2023 from Nous!

We are a member of Mundikat Netherlands.


                                                                     Perun’s Flora Linnea


born 06.09.2021

n 03 22

breeder  Priscilla en Francois Gerrist


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Myselisia’s Lady Stardust*S
Zygot’s Caramia Bambina*S Europa’s Danske Joachim
Zygot’s Faylinn*S



Esbjerg’s Wolverine


born 23.07.2022

ds 09 22

breeder  Ines and Wolfgang Neugebauer


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Titran’s Lysander


born  11.07.2016


so much loved as a pet!!