in Memoriam



Lesley van Bergenshuizen

Lesley 6 years


Lesley 5 years



Born: 15.05.1992             Died: 14.04.2002

Breeder: C.Hooyman, Netherlands


Ch.Chevanne of High Endeavour
Ch.Styal Scoot of Glengilde
Ch.Nortonwood Faunus
Ch.Styal Susila
Orchis Crystal Clear of Chevanne
Rachenco Spinner of Orchis
Rebas Carina of Orchis
Ch.Odin van de Drunenborgh Ponki’s Buri
Whispering van de Drunenborgh
Kelly van het Leie-Dorp
Basco van Selihof


In her youngher years many very goods and excellents, later on excellent with placements

Best bitch openclass at the Regioshow from the GRCN 1998

She got her obedience certificate and her aguilitycertificate


Lesley was my first dog!! She was my life and the start of all what would come in the future, my choice of school, my interest in Golden Retrievers, in showing, in training, obedience, aguility, hunting and the reason why I started my own grooming salon! I made a tribute to her and her daughter Ginger, by calling my salon “Ginley”.

Lesley was a very active and crazy dog, we had so much fun together, we learned from eachother, where I was, she was there also. When she was not with me, people asked me where she was! I grew up with her, from a youngh shy girl, to a strong woman nowadays! She was my biggest support when my mother died and the one who was there when I needed her! O, my eyes burn still, when I think of her! We miss her every day!!



Gaia Atalantè Genesis Genetic Star


Ginger Best Puppie Clubshow 1997!

Ginger 3 years

Ginger 6 years

Ginger 7 years


Ginger BIS veteran at 10 years!




Born: 06.09.1996           Died: 22.02.2010

Breeder: Bianca Frederiks


Ch.Whispering Glenrose’s Noisy Bimbo Ch.Standfast Angus Ch.Mjaerumhogda’s Crusader
Ch.Westley Ramona
Whispering Glenrose’s Pr Kimberly Ch.Danish Aegir van de Drunenborgh
Ch.Whispering Glenrose’s Hale Gitte
Lesley van Bergenshuizen
Ch.Chevanne of High Endeavour
Ch.Styal Scott of Glengilde
Orchis Crystal Clear of Chevanne
Ch.Odin van de Drunenborgh
Kelly van het Leie-Dorp


Best puppie at the GRCN Clubshow 1997

Bundesjugendsiegerin 1997

Many placements in all classes, with reserve CC in Germany

Best Veteran in Show 2006 at the biggest open show in Holland

Got her hunting certificate and went best dog from her traininggroup


Ginger was my first bred one! When I mated Lesley to Bimbo, people didn’t know what to think. ‘Such a youngh girl, how can she know what she is doing?’ But I knew what I was doing, this combination should have a great result! And it had!! When Lesley gave birth to Ginger, there was a feeling I can’t explain, this was the one I had to keep!! From then on my career went many steps foreward! She was a dog who has it all going, great looks and so easy to train, so smart and so my dog! In her almost 14 years, she never did anything wrong, she was a very lovely lady, with a great additude, she was the queen she thought and she behaved that way! Everyone respected her, human or dog, a blink of an eye was enough to let them know how she felt about things! She was a real darling! We miss you girl, but we are glad we knew you!!


Joystep’s Rainstorm

 Otto 3 years

Otto 1 year


Otto on his first birthday

otto 2 years

otto 3 years

otto 4 years

Otto 4 years

otto 4,5 years

Otto 4,5 years



HD A, ED Free, Eyes clear

Born: 05.03.2005 

Died: 19.12.2019

Breeder: Victoria Ahlstrom

Hollygold Aprilstorm
Stanroph Endelwood
Shazeldon Love in the soul
Stanroph Sailors Fantasy
Stanroph so its a mirage to Hollygold Ch. Elswood the Highlander
Ch.Stanroph So Let it Be
Ch.Joystep’s May Flower
Ch.Pauclare Phylanderer
Standfast Dream Ticket from Kerrien
Pauclare Pierian Spring
Karvin Lorelei Lee Ch.Standfast Angus
Karvin Casablanca



1 Junior CC

many excellent with placements

Got his juniorcertificate at the KNJV training, was best of the day at the exam


Otto is my first import dog! I was very exited to get a little guy from Fanta! She has everything I wish for in a dog. So well build and such a smart dog, who has deserved her credits at shows and fieldtrials!! Otto is an enthousiastic dog, with a happy and outgoing personality, he is very active and smart. Loves his miles beside the bike and does all kind of training with so much passion! It’s a very fine dog to live with. His children are easy to train as well and are lovely companions!!

Thanks, Vicki, Minna and Viveca for my happy friend!!


After almost 15 years my soulmate left these world…

He was my guide and mirror, learnt me lessons and give me strength…

Thanks for everything sweety! Love you!!!