Gaia Atalantè Golden Retrievers

Gaia Atalantè Ra Rum Pum Pum Pum


                                                                                                                     Pum Pum 6 weeks




Pum Pum

born: 24.12.2019



Ch. Sequins Soroush

 Dream Max Golden Eagle

 Ch. Non Stop James Bond

 Ch.Abnells Scarlett

 Mathilda of the Hellacious   Acres 

 Ch.Inassicas Coriander

 Ch.Martha of the Hellacious Acres

P'ZAZZ Ylva Pennysdóttir

Jako's must Have

Ch.Trewater Tally

Ch.Jako's Hope for the future

Golden Inez Hot Song

Cheek to cheek some like it hot

Woodland Paradise song for Inez



               Pum Pum is our second daughter from our sweet Sientje!

               Hope she will have a bright future with the same lovely character as her mum!